Skenar stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neurone Adaptive Regulation.This small hand held device was invented in Russia for the treatment of Cosmonauts in space, where conditions render pharmaceutical treatments impractical.

Skenar works by stimulating the body’s own pharmacy, which stores all the ingredients needed to maintain good health.When the body is working efficiently, it naturally accesses this internal pharmacy. When this connection is broken however, we can develop chronic or acute conditions, requiring medication.The Skenar uses harmless electrical impulses to stimulate the internal pharmacy via a cascade of neuropeptides, the body’s intercellular messengers. Healing can then take place naturally and without the need for external medication. Physical trauma such as stokes or broken limbs can be healed in a matter of hours if treatment is given quickly.

For effective pain relief, treatment should start at the earliest possible opportunity. A diagnostic print out using the Rista is recommended prior to undertaking a course of Skenar therapy. Skenar therapy is a genuine revolution in healing technology.This space age healing device produces impressive results in a short course of treatment. In the hands of an experienced and intuitive healer like Jane Albright, you can expect dramatic improvements as our case studies show.


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